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Help - How to use the site

We would dearly like to say, "Yes, it is". Unfortunately, in the world of HTML coding not everything is that simple. The formulae on the site are marked up using MathML, the standard language for doing so. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer (from Microsoft) has chosen to not play ball entirely fairly with industry standards of coding. As a result, there are some current, fundamental, problems with the rendering of the site on IE (all versions). While it is not MathML's duty to make their product compatible with IE (since it is IE that does not conform), it is a certainty that the site will eventually be IE compatible too.

For the time being, however, we recommend (in order)

Firefox or

Google Chrome

We will post a note here when full IE compatibiltiy is attained.

Yes! Simply click on the image and it will open in a temporary screen.

Clicking on the outward-arrows button at the bottom right of the image opens an even crisper version.

Press <esc> to close the image.

Yes! Click on any formula to see a more detailed rendering.

Depending on your browser or browser settings, you may need to

  1. right-click on a formula
  2. Select "Format" --> "MathML"
  3. Select "Settings" --> "Zoom trigger" --> "Click"
  4. Select "Settings" --> "Zoom factor" --> "200%"
  5. Select "Settings" --> "Math Renderer--> "MathML"

This should need to be done only once.

At the top of each article, just underneath the heading, the name of the principal author of that section appears. If you click on that name, you will be able to send a personal email to him/her directly from the website.

If you want to debate the rectitude or implementation of the methods described, you may post a comment on any page - although you will have to be logged in with a validated email address.

If none of that offers satisfaction, the Contact link at the top right hand corner of your screen will allow you to send a personal email to the project's principal investigator.